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Gristmill - Wikipedia

A gristmill grinds grain into flour The term can refer to both the grinding mechanism and the , Most towns and villages had their own mill so that local farmers could easily transport their grain there to be milled These communities were.

Cannonsburg Grist Mill - Cannonsburg

Whether you need to fill up your car or grab a bite, the Grist Mill has it all! A gas station, a fresh bakery, a fine deli serving sandwiches made to your exact taste.

Grist Mill Museum Committee - Village of East

Once a grist mill, now a museum, this 325-year-old mill was burned by an arsonist in and has been completely restored Displays include an old fire-pump.

Gristmill - Old Sturbridge Village

The Gristmill was one of the first buildings constructed at Old Sturbridge Village Built on the site of the Wight family's original gristmill, the mill is made of recycled.

The Plimoth Grist Mill - Plimoth Plantation

The Plimoth Grist Mill has a lot of stories to tell! Visit our exhibit gallery, where you can grind corn in a mortar and pestle, sift corn to make cornmeal, experiment.