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A New Way of Stabilization of Furosemide upon Cryogenic

Mar 19, , Recently it was reported that upon mechanical milling of pure furosemide significant chemical degradation occurs (Adrjanowicz et al Pharm.

Stabilized polymer drag reducing agent slurries - Baker

Aug 14, , A method for producing a stabilized polymer drag reducing agent slurry , granulating, and/or grinding, at cryogenic or ambient temperatur , stream in which drag will be reduced, type of pumping equipment being used.

Non-cryogenic process for grinding polyolefin

Dec 17, , particulate DRA slurries require special equipment for preparation, storage , grinding for producing particulate polymer drag reducing agent is.

Cryogenic Size Reduction / Grinding

We can reduce products to whatever size distribution you need from coarse to ultra-fine We use liquid nitrogen to freeze pellets creating refined particle.

Cryogenic Grinding for Particle Size

Particle size reduction is an important part of pharmaceutical production Cryogenic grinding with liquid nitrogen is an effective means of obtaining ultra-fine and uniform particle size, while improving product quality and stability as , Equipment.


Material characteristics influence the selection of size reduction equipment , in the hammermill configuration permit cryogenic grinding, which employs , imparted on the particles by the nozzles, and the drag force created by the airflow as it.

Patent US - Microencapsulated drag reducing

No injection probes or other special equipment is expected to be required to introduce the drag reducing slurry into the liquid stream, nor is grinding (cryogenic.

Liquid-solid Drag Reduction Composition Or Process Of

Abstract: A drag reducing composition and method of use wherein the drag , Polyolefin Drag Reducing Agents Produced by Multiple Non-Cryogenic Grinding , speed emulsion machine to make the mixture homogeneous and emulsified.